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11th Jan 2022

People mistakenly mourn Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst after murderer Robert Durst dies

Danny Jones

Robert Durst, 78, died in prison on Monday

The internet has been wrapped up in a case of mistaken identity amid their collective mourning after they thought musician Fred Durst had died – only to find out the actual passing was that of American business magnate and convicted murderer, Robert Durst.

As plenty logged onto Twitter to check what was trending over the past 48 hours, they were met with the news that Robert Durst – still a well-known name in of itself – had died, before proceeding to pay tribute to what they thought was the lead singer of rock, rap and nu-metal band, Limp Bizkit.

In actual fact, the person who had died was not Fred but Robert Durst, a real estate tycoon and suspected serial killer who was sentenced to life in prison back in October.

Durst (Robert) finally confessed to the killing of his long-time friend and spokesperson Susan Berman in September – a crime he committed way back in 2000 – after he unwittingly confessed in his own HBO docuseries, The Jinx, which aired in 2015.

While Robert was convicted of one murder and suspected of multiple others, including his wife Kathleen’s, Fred is the soundtrack to many people’s adolescence, with Limp Bizkit rising to prominence at the turn of the millennium.

As many wrote on Twitter, the confusion makes for quite a stark contrast, as Fred is still making music with his band and is even directing films nowadays.

While the backdrop to this bizarre little story may be grim, the majority of social media managed to see the funny side, proving once again that Twitter also has something in store for us.

Always double-check what you see online, folks.

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