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05th Jul 2023

Netflix viewers terrified by disturbing new horror that left people ‘awake all night’

Charlie Herbert

Run rabbit run

It’s top of the charts on Netflix

Viewers have been left terrified by the latest horror offering from Netflix, Run Rabbit Run.

The film stars Aussie actor Sarah Snook – best known for her award-winning performance as Shiv Roy in Succession – play a mother and fertility doctor whose young daughter is behaving increasingly strangely, forcing her to challenge her own beliefs about life and death and confront a ghost lurking in her past.

Since launching on Netflix on June 28, and has gone straight to number one in its category on Netflix, even if it hasn’t been particularly well reviewed by critics, with the film currently holding a score of just 38% on Rotten Tomatoes.

But it seems to have left plenty of viewers suitably disturbed, with many taking to social media to share their reactions.

One viewer wrote: “Watched run rabbit run on netflix last night. Very good. Hubby was awake scared all night – I slept like a baby.”

Another said: “Run Rabbit Run on Netflix is sooo good, intriguing while also being kinda creepy all at the same time.”

And a third fan wrote: “This was pretty good. A creepy, slow-burn, psychological horror film. Interesting to see how the mother’s past unravels and to how all the pieces of the puzzle come together.”

There was plenty of praise for Snook’s performance as mum Sarah as well.

One person wrote: “Just watched Run Rabbit Run on Netflix. Very atmospheric. Effective sound/music. Rather predictable, and more jump-scares than I like, but a truly great performance from Sarah Snook.”

Another said: “If you’re having Shiv withdrawals Sarah’s new movie titled Run Rabbit Run dropped on Netflix. Go give mother her coin!”


The film is actually based on true events as well. Hannah Kent, who wrote the screenplay, was inspired by a documentary about a boy who could recall his previous life and his ‘other mummy’, how he missed her and the home they shared.

She told Inreview:  “As time progressed, his desire to go back to this house became even more acute. He was homesick, he missed his other family – and he was able to add a lot more detail about the place where he said he had been living.”

Kent added: “I was interested in the mother and the alienation she would feel when a child didn’t want her.”

Run Rabbit Run is available to stream on Netflix in the UK and Ireland.

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