LG unveils enormous 325-inch television for a ridiculous price 10 months ago

LG unveils enormous 325-inch television for a ridiculous price

LG haven't messed about with the name either

LG has unveiled a whopping new 325-inch television called the Extreme Home Cinema.


Made with Direct View LED technology, the size of this thing is scarcely believable, just like its potential price tag.

On their website, LG says that the Extreme Home Cinema is available in various sizes and performance levels, and that it takes the "guesswork out of configuring which DVLED screen is right for you."

The company adds: "From 2K to 8K configurations with screen sizes from 108" to a show stopping 325", these solutions come with virtually everything you need, except the popcorn."


So how about that price then? Well, the product is being targeted at the mega-rich not just because of the price but also because you'll probably need a huge wall to fit it on. Anyone wanting to purchase the Extreme Home Cinema will be set back an eye-watering $30,000.

And that's just for the installation, warranty and support.

In fact, the price-tag for the biggest version of the screen hasn't been revealed by LG yet because the size and performance is customisable.

LG's offering is the latest in the world of mega-screens and puts Samsung's The Wall to shame.


The Wall, was unveiled in 2019 and was a measly 219-inches, but did promise to have a better quality than 4k thanks to Micro LEDs.

statement from Samsung upon its release read: "These transformative TV displays are made up of individual modules of self-emissive Micro LEDs, featuring millions of inorganic red, green and blue microscopic LED chips that emit their own light to produce brilliant colours on screen.

"The Wall 2019 takes personalisation to the next level, with modular panels that consumers can position in any size or shape to meet their needs.

"These next-generation modular Micro LED displays harness self-emitting technology to create elegant, efficient and powerful screens that are liberated from the limitations of existing technologies."


Once again, the price of this was kept quiet because it could be customised, but some estimates put the price of the 146-inch model at about £72,500.

Using some pretty crude maths then, it probably isn't outrageous to assume that LG's 325-incher will cost more than double this.

But surely worth it to watch Burnley vs Southampton on a Super Sunday, no?

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