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10th Jun 2022

Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan roast each other over cosmetic procedures – and it’s absolutely brutal

Kieran Galpin

The show includes the creme de la creme of the comedy scene

In a brand new backstage stand up show, Katherine Ryan and Jimmy Carr rip into each other and their respective cosmetic surgeries.

In Amazon Prime’s new series Backstage with Katherine Ryan, which pulls back the stand up curtain and offers a unique look behind the scenes, Ryan and her fellow comics rip into one another between sets.

In the first episode, the 38-year-old Canadian-born comedian is joined by Carr, co-writer Geoff Northcott, former Strictly Come Dancing star Seann Walsh, Too Hot To Handle narrator Desiree Burch and Ted Lasso actor Nick Mohammed.

While sitting with curlers in her hair, Ryan tells everyone she’s going to her “dedicated makeup room” which Carr quickly refers to as an “emergency room”. Without missing a beat, Ryan shoots back, saying it’s a “special effects unit.”

“The same people that did Jurassic Park,” quips Carr.

“Jimmy’s had a lot of work done. He doesn’t look a day over, “What the f**k is that?”‘ joked Northcott, while discussing jokes aimed at the 49-year-old 8 Out of 10 Cats host.

However anyone familiar with Ryan’s brand of comedy will know she’s no slouch when it comes to comebacks. While introducing Carr for his set, she joked: “Jimmy and I try to outdo each other with the surgery. It’s an expensive and life-threatening game we play.”

She added: “Just the other day I told my doctor I want 80s t*ts. You know that the kind that look more fake than Jimmy’s new hair.”

Both comedians have been very open about their various cosmetic procedures in the past and are very often included in their respective acts.

“I’ve had a lot of work done. I got my teeth knocked out and put back in,” Carr told Just For Laughs in 2020. “And then I had a hair transplant in the lockdown, which I didn’t particularly need, but what else are you going to do in lockdown?”

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