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18th Aug 2021

Jason Manford shares final text with Sean Lock as he urges people to check in with friends

Danny Jones

Jason Manford's last text to Sean Lock is good advice

Jason Manford has revealed the last thing he sent to Sean Lock before his passing

The world of comedy is still reeling from the passing of Sean Lock after a little-known cancer diagnosis. The 58-year-old was announced dead earlier today after passing away at home surrounded by his family.

While many of his fellow comedians have paid tribute, one comic took to Instagram not only to send a message of love to his family, friends and fans, but also to share his last conversation with the British comic as a way of encouraging others to always check in on your mates.

As you can see overleaf, Jason Manford’s last text to Sean Lock was sent after having recently filmed an episode of Cats Does Countdown just last month. The hit comedy panel spin-off of the classic UK quiz show was one of Lock’s most iconic roles, leaving people crying with laughter virtually every episode.

Due to his cancer, Lock had not returned to the set after post-lockdown filming had resumed. Lee Mack, who appeared multiple times on the show, wrote in a statement: “I’ve known this day was coming for some time, but it’s no less heart-breaking.”

Manford clearly treasured his time sharing the screen with the outrageously funny Sean, writing how much he “missed having [him] there” and “how much [he] appreciated working with” the Chertsey-born comic, before giving his love to his family.

Most importantly, however, Manford used the caption of his post to not only celebrate “One of the funniest men I’ve ever worked with” but to urge others to check in on their friends no matter what – especially the ones you assume are alright or just haven’t spoken to in a while.

“I texted him couple of weeks ago and I’m now so glad I did. If you’ve a friend who’ve you not spoken to for a while, drop them a message and check in. It could be the last time. RIP Sean”

Jason Manford’s last text to Sean Lock won’t go down as just a tribute to a legend, it’s a piece of advice we should take note of.

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