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28th Jan 2022

Kanye West ‘spreading rumour that Pete Davidson has AIDS’

Danny Jones

Kanye West Pete Davidson AIDS rumour

Davidson and those close to him are reportedly ‘disturbed’ at the allegation

Kanye West – or Ye as he’s currently known – is reportedly spreading rumours that Kim Kardashian’s new bf Pete Davidson has AIDS.

Spoilers: he doesn’t.

The Kanye West-Pete Davidson Feud is one that hasn’t really been voiced all that publicly — well, bar that one line where he said he’d “beat Pete Davidson’s ass” — but it’s one that pretty much everyone seems to accept is bubbling under the surface.

For those still unaware, the 28-year-old comedian had long been rumoured to be dating Kanye‘s ex-wife Kim Kardashian and while this looks to have been the case for some time, Kanye now seems to have started a rumour of his own.

After TMZ initially broke the story, sources close to Davidson are now thought to have confirmed what DJ Akademiks claimed on social media earlier this week.

Speaking on his Twitch stream, Akademiks said that “Kanye’s been telling everybody within earshot” that Davidson has AIDS, claiming he had heard this rumour himself from as many as eight different people. You can see the clip below:

Naturally, both parties are denying this claim, with people close to the 44-year-old rapper labelling the rumour as pure “nonsense”. Meanwhile, Davidson and those close to him are reportedly “disturbed” that he would even allege such a serious health issue in what appears to be an attempt to lash out.

Despite some closure evidently still needed between Kanye and Kim, Ye has been frequently pictured with his new partner Julia Fox, the 31-year-old actress who many may recognise from A24’s Uncut Gems.

Kanye Julia Fox

Kanye was recently interviewed by Hollywood Unlocked‘s Jason Lee, in which he discussed everything from the infamous MAGA hat on Saturday Night Live, to how his public image differs from Kim’s and how he feels he has been “disrespected” by some of her behaviour since getting together with Davidson.

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