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23rd Feb 2024

Green Street star teases new film ahead of it’s 20th anniversary

Callum Boyle

Green Street

The GSE are back

Green Street could be set to make a return ahead of the 20th anniversary of the 2005 film.

Although there have been two follow ups to the original release, neither had the same acclaim to fame but one of the cast members from the first edition, Leo Gregory, has hinted that a new film could be on the way.

Gregory starred as Bovver in Green Street alongside Elijah Wood’s Matt Buckner and Charlie Hunnam’s Pete Dunham aka the Green Street Elite or GSE.

Posting to his Instagram, Gregory shared an image of a page title that said: ‘Green Street 2.0’.

Although it was just a working title, Gregory also revealed that Dougie Brimson – who helped write the original – will assist the actor.

What do we know about the new film?

All in all very little has been released about the new film however Gregory has been teasing minor details in the comments of his Instagram post.

Responding to some fans, it appears that any release of the new film would come in 2025 – exactly 20 years since the first of the Green Street series’ were released.

He also confirmed that the new film would be a direct follow-up to the original and not linked to the second, third or it’s own standalone project.

As for the plot, Gregory has hinted that his character will be seeking out revenge for the death of Pete Dunham but nothing else has been released.

In terms of any returning characters, fans asked if Elijah Wood’s character would be making a return.

One fan asked “You having the yank back?” – which is what members of the GSE refer to Wood’s character as in the film, he said: “Not planning on any yanks this time out.”

Another fan asked if the Lord of the Rings star would return and he simply replied with a winky face, implying that Wood could be involved in the film after all.

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