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20th May 2021

Channel 5 are on the hunt for UK’s nightmare neighbours for new show

Claudia McInerney

The Channel 5 hit TV show is making a return to our screens

People from across the country with ‘nightmare neighbours’ are being urged to reveal all for a new series of the Channel 5 show The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door.

Producers are now on the look out for people in the UK to open up about their experiences with awful neighbours for the eighth series of the show, it has been revealed.

Some former neighbours on the show have described tiffs over garden fencing, whilst others have recalled full on fistfights. There is always a variety when it comes to nightmare neighbours on the show.

The Channel 5 show enables local people to publicly complain about their neighbours after exhausting all other means of attempting to communicate with them. The hour-long episode provides ample time for you to spill all the details about the argument.

The hit series, which first blessed our screens in 2014, has revealed some of the worst disputes among neighbours in the whole of the UK.

In total, there are around six million complaints of so-called nightmare neighbours across Britain each year.

Each episode of The Nightmare Neighbour Next Door normally focuses on four neighbours from across the UK, who are all more than happy to discuss the details surrounding their neighbourly disputes.

The production company behind the show, Avalon Factual, are looking for more neighbours to tell their story. If you would like to be considered for the eighth series, you can express your interest by emailing: