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27th Apr 2022

Amber Heard reacts as doctor hired by Johnny Depp shares her personality disorders diagnosis in court

Danny Jones

Depp doctor suggests Amber Heard may have personality disorders

Heard was assessed by the psychologist late last year

As Johnny Depp‘s high-profile and long-running defamation case has now entered its third week of trial in Virginia, a doctor testifying on behalf of the 58-year-old suggested that it is possible Amber Heard may have personality disorders.

Speaking during Tuesday’s proceedings, forensic psychologist Dr. Shannon Curry – who was said to have met Heard, 36, on “two separate dates” in December 2021 – said that her total 12-hour evaluation “supported two diagnoses – borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder”.

You can see the defendant’s reaction to the diagnosis here:

She went on to argue that not only can Heard be “self-righteous” and “judgemental”, but in addition to anger issues and a tendency to “externalise blame”, which can derive from a “desperate fear of abandonment”, she added that those who exhibit signs of borderline personality disorder can become emotionally volatile, destructive and unaware of problems in their thinking.

Confessing that she was not board-certified during cross-examination and having never previously testified over violence between partners in her 15-year career, Curry even went so far as to claim that Heard “grossly exaggerated” and even tried to “fake” symptoms of PTSD:

Among numerous other behavioural displays, the psychologist claimed that while those with such diagnoses may appear charismatic and socially sophisticated outwardly, inside they can also be prone to erratic and unpredictable behaviour, often using the threat of legal action with partners, claiming abuse even if they themselves may have been abusive.

Responding to Heard’s own claims of abuse in 2018, Depp says he is a “victim of domestic violence” and was even reported to have severed a finger during an altercation with his ex-wife.

Meanwhile, the jury also heard audio of Depp asking Heard to “cut” him last week, as well as text messages saying he’d have sex with her “burnt corpse”. Despite evidence on each side, the pair both deny allegations of physical assault and abuse.

You can watch Dr. Curry’s full testimony down below:

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