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04th Mar 2020

Spending a week as a real-life, actual pub landlord

Kyle Picknell

The pub, what a concept

The public house, or pub, is a British institution. Many people go to the pub habitually for a variety of reasons. If you have a hard day at work, you might go for a drink. If you have a great day at work, a celebratory drink might be in order.

But have you ever imagined what life is like on the other side of the bar? What it is like to try and listen to the incomprehensible garbling order being placed, rather than being the person placing said order?

We did, which is why we decided to become landlord for a week at the Southbrook Inn in Swindon, in a bid to see whether we have what it takes to handle the day-to-day running of an actual, bricks and mortar pub.

With the help of regular landlord Alun, we learned how to (kind of) do everything. First of all though, we needed a tour of the facility, from the cellar – the actual beer cellar!! – and the darts board, to learning how to pull a decent pint, all on the first day.

What followed was half mess, half success, from creating the Megapint to tasting and spitting out a pickled egg for the very first time. And attempting to throw a shoe over a pub.


Reckon you could run a pub? Arkell’s are looking for landlords! Head to for more information.