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22nd Apr 2021

People are now fighting over the correct name for an iced lolly

Charlie Herbert

Of course Australians call them ‘zooper doopers’

From the people that brought you the ‘what do you call the game where you knock on someone’s door and run away’ debate, comes the latest argument dividing people across the land. Yes, that’s right, it’s the ‘what do you call the plastic tubes of coloured flavoured ice’ conundrum!

You know the ones. They probably remind you of hot summer days as a kid. You may recognise them as ice pops, or associate them with a certain Mr Freeze.

Or maybe you don’t. In which case join the debate, because it turns out that, much to the shock of many, these things have a variety of different names that they go by.

The original poster suggested that they were called ‘freezies,’ which I don’t think is an outrageous suggestion seeing as Mr Freeze is the kingpin of the ice pop world. But some of the other names that people give them are just plain wrong.

A remarkable amount of people seem to recognise them as ‘otter pops,’ which it seems is a popular brand in the US, and people in Australia for some reason seem to only refer to them as ‘zooper doopers.’ It’s quite frankly upsetting really.

Those who are uneducated on their ice-based treats tried to label them as ice lollies, but as any sane person knows, an ice lolly needs more body to it and, most importantly, a stick before it can be given that illustrious title (see: Twisters, Fruit Pastille lollies).

A few suggested ‘popsicles,’ which can’t really be argued with much, and then there appear to be a variety of answers from people who clearly lack imagination. One person called them ‘ice sticks’ (boring), another said they were ‘icy poles’ (meh), whilst a third just said they were ‘flavoured ice’ (accurate tbf).

You may not be surprised to hear though, that no conclusion was reached on the matter. A real shame really.

Try not to let the debate keep you up at night.