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28th Sep 2022

ITV called Domino’s to moan that a viral tweet about Holly and Phil wasn’t funny

Tobi Akingbade

Holly and Phil in Westminster Hall (Image: ITV)

When a joke rubs you the wrong way

The head of ITV was apparently not very happy with Domino’s Pizza jumping in on the Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield queue-jumping jokes.

Last week, the pizza company delivered a brutal social media burn as Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s so-called ‘Queuegate’ shinanigans continued to heat up.

The This Morning hosts faced backlash after they were spotted walking past queuing mourners and paying their respects in a different line to the public, leading to a petition to have the two presenters axed.

Jumping in on the action, Domino’s posted an apology to its customers.

In a tweet, the food chain said: “Apologies to anyone waiting on their pizza, we’ve just received an order from Holly and Phil.”

It’s fair to say the tweet got a lot of love. but the CEO of ITV, Carolyn McCall, did not love it as much.

According to several reports from the Royal Television Society (RTS) conference, McCall said she spoke to Domino’s to complain that their tweet “wasn’t funny”.

During the conference, which took place on Tuesday, McCall answered questions from journalists about handling rumours while defending the TV duo.

When asked about the Domino’s Pizza tweet, McCall said ITV spoke to Domino’s and scolded them for jumping in on the meme train, according to Variety.

“We were like, ‘What are you doing?’ And they said, ‘We think it’s really funny, don’t you?’ And we said ‘No.’,” McCall said.

ITV previously released a statement clarifying they were there in a professional capacity with “press accreditation”, insisting: “They did not file past The Queen’s coffin”, adding: “Any allegations of improper behaviour are categorically untrue.”

Holly and Phillip appeared on last week’s This Morning after the show took a break so ITV could cover the Queen’s funeral on 19 September.

In a VT, they addressed the backlash, saying: “We were given special permission”, adding: “Please know that we would never jump a queue!”

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