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23rd Mar 2020

Americans learn about British schools from the Inbetweeners

Wil Jones

What is a faithful representation of British school life?

Plenty of British television shows have tried to accurately portray life in a British school. Grange Hill, Byker Grove and Bad Education – no, we don’t remember it either – all gave it a good go, but when you get down to it, few shows hit the mark quite as well as The Inbetweeners.

Yes, the adventures of Simon, Will, Jay and Neil are absurd, but they are also extremely faithful to what being in school in Britain is actually like. The rejection from someone you’re into, the crushing humiliation whenever you raise your head above the parapet – it’s all there.

So what better TV show to give some Americans a taste of what British school is actually like? We showed it to two of them, what did they think? Watch to find out.