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04th Nov 2018

You can now get a car air freshener with your best mate’s face on it

Rebecca O'Keeffe

You’ve got a great face, so why not let your friends stare at it for months on end?

Now that the festive season is officially here, we are – as the kind and wonderful people that we are – planning what to get our friends and family for Christmas.

Being as thoughtful as we are, socks will feature heavily, as will boxer shorts, DVDs and other wonderful things.

If you know someone with a car though, why not get them something no one else can, an air freshener… with your face on it.

The perfect gift, in our humble opinion.

The wonderful people at Firebox are the geniuses behind these hilarious air fresheners.

air freshener

Online, the product description reads:

“Gone are the worries of your motor smelling of last nights takeaway or that incident that got a bit sweaty on the backseat.

“Our selection of scents will simply make your nose-gasm: Bacon, Coffee, Fresh Linen, Island Breeze, and of course…that New Car smell. Once you’ve picked your parfum simply click on ‘personalised’ to adorn your fresheners with a few faces and we’ll do the rest.

“Make sure they’re high quality, zoomed in nice and close, and that you’ve pulled the gurn of your life. One face will cover each side so both drivers and passers by can enjoy your weird choice in car accessories.”

For just under £15, you could purchase 3 personalised car air fresheners, which is a small price to pay for something which could irritate a friend for months on end.

Get them here now. You won’t regret it!