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03rd Oct 2017

PIC: WhatsApp has unveiled its own brand new set of emojis

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Conor Heneghan

Exciting as this may sound to emoji fans, you’re not going to notice a huge difference.

Considering that modern communication methods seem to rely as much on emojis as they do on actual words, it will probably come as a big deal to many that the world’s most influential online messaging service, WhatsApp, has just rolled out its own brand new emoji range.

Try to contain yourselves.

Over a billion people around the world who use WhatsApp will soon be able to avail of this new range for themselves, but they’re not going to notice a huge difference from the emojis they’ve been using to date.

The new emojis are available for the first time in a beta version of WhatsApp’s Android app, but as you’ll see below, they’re not a whole lot different from the Apple emoji that had been available to WhatsApp users across its iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

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In fact, as has been pointed out Emojipedia, the go-to authority on all things emoji, the differences are so minimal to be barely even visible, which is perhaps why there hasn’t been a song and dance made about it.

Why exactly WhatsApp have gone down this route remains unclear, but it could be something to do with a desire to absolve itself of the need to rely on third parties for emoji design, as both Facebook and Twitter have done in the past.

You can check out the difference between the old and new emoji on Emojipedia here.