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26th Sep 2023

People are saying their new iPhone 15s are overheating so much they can’t hold it

Rory Cashin

The new iPhone is available in stores now

The iPhone 15 range has only been available to customers for a few days, and already there are reports of some technical issues with the devices. Some early adaptors have taken to social media to share their time with the new Apple products, revealing that the phones are practically “too hot to touch” while they are fast charging.

9to5 Mac’s Ian Zelbo took to Twitter to state: “My iPhone 15 Pro Max is almost too hot to touch while fast charging [right now]… I thought people were over-exaggerating but no this isn’t great.

“Interestingly if I’m holding it, the left side rail and a little of the back on the left side is what is the hottest by far… lines up perfectly with the logic board. Past 70% battery percentage it seems to have cooled down significantly (still hot but comfortable in the hand). 25-60% was the worst by far.”

Tech content creator Mohit Verma accompanied his findings with a video reading the phone’s temperature of over 40 degrees Celsius (or well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit), saying it got to this temperature after “just a 2-minute FaceTime call or when scrolling through reels for 8-10 minutes.”

Plenty of new iPhone 15 users have not found any issues with overheating whatsoever, but if you do have a version of the new device and are experiencing overheating, a reporter at Digital Trends is of the opinion that pretty much all new iPhones begin with overheating issues in the early days of use, and that a minor incoming update from Apple should fix the problem:

“I can confidently say that my iPhones have often overheated in the early days, regardless of what I have been doing. However, this problem has always been resolved on its own. It’s likely the same thing will happen in your situation with the iPhone 15 or 15 Pro.

“Besides waiting, stay on the lookout for Apple to release minor software updates for your iPhone in the coming days. These updates, like the recently released iOS 17.0.2, are typically released to fix bugs and, on some occasions, fix new device battery issues.”

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