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25th Sep 2023

Android users are debating swapping to Apple after seeing impressive new action mode


Over 48 per cent of mobile phone owners in the UK used Android operating systems, as of May 2023, according to Statista.

Even though, in 2021, owning an Android phone was considered the single biggest turn off. It was more an ick than people not learning to drive and commenting on famous people’s social media accounts.

But finally, Apple may done enough with their new device to force Android-users to make the switch.

Last week the company launched its newest phone, the iPhone 15, and over the weekend CBS reported that it had exceeded expectations, with between 10 per cent and 15 per cent more pre-orders than its predecessor.

The new gadget has a host of improved features, and finally, a more universal USB-C cables thanks to new legislation enforced by the European Parliament.

One of the new features, is a rather impressive action mode, as demonstrated by reviewer, Tyler Stalman.

The feature is so good that die-hard Android users are considering swapping to Apple for the first time.

Stalman has reviewed the iPhone 15 from a photographer’s point of view. His video has been viewed 3.4m times.

As part of his full15-minute video, Stalman films some local landmarks while on the move. The shot is a bit shaky.

He then shows it in action mode on the iPhone 15. The mode is also available on the earlier model.

With it, Stalman is able to get the perfect shot.

One commenter wrote: “This is actually impressive. I might need to change my android for iPhone for the first time in my life.”

A second added: “Worth buying the iPhone 15 now.”

While a third remarked: ” I can’t believe it came from an iPhone.”

A new Find My feature allows iPhone 15 users to find nearby friends who also have an iPhone 15, with the Precision Finding interface that shows continuously updating distance and direction indicators, 9to5Mac reports.

You can watch the full review from Tyler Stalman on YouTube.

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