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27th Sep 2023

iPhone 15 fails bend test as it breaks in YouTuber’s hands

Charlie Herbert

iPhone 15 bend test

‘That snap was abnormally quick’

A YouTube tech expert has been left stunned after the new iPhone 15 failed his ‘bend test’ in a video testing the durability of the phone.

As is usually the case when a new iPhone comes out, the iPhone’s 15 unveiling has been one of the biggest tech releases of the year.

And whilst the new USB-C charging port has been the headline change, it seems that the iPhone 15 may not quite have the ‘incredible durability’ Apple claims it does.

In a video testing the build quality and toughness of the phone, YouTuber JerryRigEverything showed how the iPhone 15 Max shattered in his hands as he tried to bend the handset.

When the back of the iPhone smashed, Jerry couldn’t hide his surprise, saying that he “did not see that one coming.”

He said that in 11 years of testing phones for their durability, “most phones do not break” and that “iPhones especially do not break, and that snap was abnormally quick.”

You can find the moment from about 7:15 into the video below.

This is despite Apple claiming that their latest iPhone is “incredibly durable.”

The company’s website reads: “The innova­tive new design features back glass that has colour infused throughout the material.

“A custom dual ion-exchange process for the glass, and an aerospace-grade aluminium enclosure, help make iPhone 15 incredibly durable.”

Jerry found this definitely wasn’t the case for him though.

In the description to the video, Jerry wrote: “I freakin’ love Titanium. It is the COOLEST metal on the planet! When Apple said their new iPhone 15 Pro Max was going to be made with Grade 5 Titanium – I was flabbergasted.

“However… it turns out that the back glass of the Titanium iPhone 15 Pro Max isn’t quite ready for prime time. Something is wrong with Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro Max.”

Many of his viewers were stunned by how easily the phone broke as well, with one person commenting: “Didn’t expect the Pro Max to break that easily.. Damn that break was shocking.”

Another said: “Apple should definitely explain this.”

A third added: “Holy cr*p the glass cracking genuinely made my jaw drop. I was fully expecting it to survive it like usual wtf.”

One person tried to offer an explanation for the phone’s poor performance by suggesting that the titanium may actually be the cause of the problem.

They wrote: “No other iPhone has done that. I love Apple but this isn’t good or acceptable. I think it’s because the titanium is too strong so the pressure goes to the glass as there’s no bend in the frame.”

This isn’t the only criticism that has been directed at the latest iPhone, with some users complaining that their devices are overheating so much that they can’t even hold them.

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