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06th Apr 2022

WWE star Austin Theory calls out Conor McGregor

Daniel Brown

‘Maybe Conor McGregor gets a little excited and wants to step up’

WWE superstar Austin Theory has suggested that he is open to competing against former UFC champion Conor McGregor in the future.

Theory, speaking to JOE, insisted that the former UFC double-champion would be ‘great’ in the WWE due to his presence and communications skills.

McGregor set for his UFC comeback

McGregor has lost his previous two fights, both of which came against Dustin Poirier. However, the Irishman is poised for a comeback in the coming months after recovering from a leg injury he sustained in the second bout against Poirier.

While it appears unlikely that McGregor has any plans to enter the wrestling scene anytime soon, Theory thinks he would have a positive impact on the sport if he was to make the move to WWE – and he would be keen to face-off against him.

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“I think Conor McGregor would be somebody great to come into the WWE, just his charisma, his speaking skills and his presence,” Theory told JOE.

“We all know he’s an athlete, we all know he can go, but I think for me, I wouldn’t want to get in there [the ring] with Conor McGregor, we’ll save that for somebody else, but that would be really cool to see, I think that would be great.

“Actually maybe I’ll take that back, maybe I do want to be the ring with Conor McGregor.

“I beat the crap out of Pat McAfee, maybe Conor McGregor gets a little excited and wants to step up.”

Theory gets stunned

Theory was defeated by Pat McAfee at WrestleMania last weekend, but the 24-year-old was dubbed as ‘a future WWE Universal champion’ by Vince McMahon before the bout.

Then, out of nowhere, McAfee challenged McMahon to a fight straight after – with Theory still present to help out whenever McAfee threatened any actual offense.

However, things then took another turn as Theory, still in the ring after the second contest, was hit with a ‘stunner’ by Stone Cold Steve Austin.

With McMahon and Austin in the ring, sharing a beer like old times, it was probably to be expected that 76-year-old McMahon would also be hit with a stunner.

Unsurprisingly, McAfee – who made the questionable choice to trust the ‘Texas Rattlesnake’ – was also the victim of a Stone Cold stunner.

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