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04th Aug 2023

Mark Zuckerberg reveals huge McDonalds order to fuel MMA training

Callum Boyle

Mark Zuckerberg

Zuckerberg requires 4,000 calories a day

Mark Zuckerberg has opened up on what his diet looks like as he continues his MMA training.

Zuckerberg, who was recently pictured alongside UFC stars Alex Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya, has been training ahead of a potential fight against tech rival Elon Musk.

The Meta boss revealed on Threads that he needs around 4,000 calories a day with his workout routine and to help fuel them he’s picked one place and one place only: McDonalds.

His order isn’t for the feint-hearted either as he revealed his go-to selection is: “20 nuggets, a quarter pounder, large fries, Oreo McFlurry, apple pie, and maybe some side cheeseburgers for later?”

Following his revelation, UFC fighter Mike David questioned his choice, saying: “You’re in camp! No McDonalds.”

Mark Zuckerberg

The 39-year-old justified his decision by saying he needed the calories while also admitting he enjoyed the taste. Fair enough.

“Not cutting weight so I need ~4000 calories a day to offset all the activity. And it’s so delicious,” he said.

It still remains unclear if an actual fight will take place between Zuckerberg and Musk given that the war of words has only been online so far but according to Volkanovski, he has been working hard behind the scenes.

“I guarantee you, you guys would be very surprised,” he told TMZ.

“I’m telling you he’s serious. I don’t know how serious Elon is, but I’m telling you, he’s training!

“I mean you can see it that he’s in shape but he really is in shape. It’s not just looks, he really is, mate. He trains, he’s pretty athletic, he’s coordinated and he’s committed.”

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