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14th Apr 2024

UFC legend calls out Paddy Pimblett for fight in the UK

George McKay

Pimblett was called out at UFC 300 last night

UFC legend Bobby Green has called out Paddy Pimblett in an x-rated rant after Green’s victory at UFC 300.

Pimblett has not faced off against an opponent since his win against Tony Ferguson last December. He’s been out of the game following a foot injury but he’s already mentioned that Ferguson could be his next opponent.

In last night’s rant after his win against Jim Miller, Green said: “Paddy! How dare you, you slimy, sugary snake! How dare you say my name?

“July, I’m coming to your backyard, to your people, to kick your ass”

“There’s no beef, I’ve got no problem with him. His style is a little different but Paddy said my name, so once he said my name I’m just answering. That’s it. I’m just answering the call.

“We’re going to find out, if he can [beat him] then it’s going to take all night because I’m going to just keep coming.”

Paddy had previously called out Green for a possible fight with a dig at Green, insisting he wasn’t a big name in the lightweight division.

Green responded at the time by saying: “There’s no way he called me out. Paddy knows that’s a bad fight for him. He don’t want that. He’s just talking. Until he starts walking, get through Tony [Ferguson] and then we’ll talk. We’ll talk after that.

“But Paddy doesn’t want that. That would be a bad fight for him.”

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