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29th Apr 2017

WATCH: Arsenal fans go to extreme lengths to embarrass Arsene Wenger ahead of Spurs game

Have they gone too far this time?


Surely this is the time to come together and show a united front against their great rivals?

Arsenal supporters remain divided about whether Arsene Wenger should remain as their manager for as long as he wants the job. They also disagree strongly on how any unhappiness should be expressed. Quite often, some of the more ‘camera happy’ contingent of disaffected Gooners make fellow fans cringe with their antics.

There is of course the myriad of YouTube and Twitter rants, the varying quality of matchday signs, and even numerous airplanes carrying banners during actual games. But now it seems that pissed off fans are going to even greater lengths and expense to advertise their Arsene anger – even before the North London derby.

Respected video journalist Imani Amrani happened to be in the vicinity of the Emirates Stadium as a giant ‘WENGER OUT’ message was being projected from a white van onto the side of the ground. When she asked the company carrying out the display who was responsible, they told her that Arsenal supporters had paid for it.

Whatever your feelings on this, it seems strange to have organised it ahead of such an important game…