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29th Apr 2017

WATCH: Ally McCoist accidentally drops the C-bomb live on air after Celtic thrash Rangers

Talk about a Freudian slip


In fairness to him, it was quite a stressful day.

A Freudian slip can be defined as an inadvertent mistake in speech or writing that is thought to reveal a person’s unconscious motives, wishes, attitudes or feelings. It’s an accidental blurt that tells you far more about someone’s true thoughts than they’d openly like to disclose.

Watching Rangers humiliating Old Firm defeat on Saturday would have been enough to cause even the most diplomatic Gers fan to crack under pressure. Their 5-1 loss to Celtic was the very worst that Ibrox has ever witnessed, and poor Ally McCoist was in the Sky Sports studio to comment on the carnage.

The 54-year-old lives and breathes Rangers, having played over 400 games for them over a 15 year period, as well as managing the club between 2011 and 2014. He remains their all-time leading scorer with 355 goals, and is a bona fide Ibrox legend and fan favourite.

Alas following Saturday’s humbling capitulation, he was frank and forlorn about the mammoth gap between the two Glasgow rivals and chose most of his words very carefully. However, a Freudian slip caused him to accidentally say the word ‘c**t’ in reference to Celtic – but very unintentionally.

Attempting to be magnanimous about the Bhoys, which is difficult at the best of times for such an ardent and committed Rangers man, McCoist accidentally dropped the C-bomb in trying to pay them a compliment. He said:

“Celtic were excellent. Erm…Listen…they were the best team in the country, by a c**t…you know…”

Now we assume Ally had something of a malfunction in trying to state that the SPL champions have been the best team in Scotland by a ‘country mile’, but perhaps his Freudian slip was a fairer reflection of how he must have been feeling after such a disastrous result.