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27th Dec 2016

This may well be the greatest betting cash out of all time

A tale for the ages...


How was your Christmas?

Chances are it was pretty standard. A decent bit of food, offset by the mundanity of having to explain how your life is going to assorted relatives.

Probably a bit too much to drink, but christ it was the only way to get through all the questions.

Watching some movies you’ve seen a hundred times before, but could you really be bothered trying to assert control here.

Well, whatever you did it wasn’t quite as good as one punter who pulled off what may well go down as the greatest cash out of all-time on Boxing Day.

A 21-leg football accumulator is a ballsy enough bet at the best of times but this lucky punter, whose identity remains a mystery, was on course to win over £1.2 million from a £1 bet when all 21 of their predictions looked set to come off.

But with just four minutes of Monday’s 3pm kick-offs remaining this punter decided to cash in on their bet, opting to take home a cool £223,000 rather than risk a later goal.

It was just as well.

In the 90th minute of Plymouth’s game against Wycombe Myles Weston’s strike earned a 3-3 draw for this visitors.

This would have left our hero with nothing to show from their ambitious bet, but their quick thinking a few minutes earlier meant that they have a very different story to tell this Christmas.

When your luck’s in…