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14th Dec 2016

Stan Collymore goes full Partridge in response to Pep Guardiola

It's absolutely fine, though.


Well, there’s no doubt that Stan Collymore knows who Stan Collymore is, if nothing else.

Guardiola sparked a war of words with the pundit and well-travelled striker earlier this week, but Collymore’s response is quite something.

As Ross Geller can testify, starting a sentence (or headline) by claiming things are ‘fine’ is usually an indication that the opposite is the case.

‘If Pep doesn’t know who I am, that’s absolutely fine, all he needs to do is watch Sky Sports, there’s usually the 4-3 game (Liverpool vs Newcastle, 1996) on, or used in an advert,’ writes Collymore, who is definitely fine with the situation.

‘Maybe he could give the former manager of his current club, Stuart Pearce, a call and ask him about who Nottingham Forest’s greatest 11 is, managed by a true great of the game, rather than one spoon fed lots of cash to get success,’ adds Collymore, who thinks Pep Guardiola not being familiar with him is absolutely fine.

‘Or ask Robbie Fowler, Liverpool legend, and someone I’m sure Pep knows the name of, who his best strike partner was amongst Owen, Rush, Viduka, Shearer, Cole et al.’

After all, nothing says ‘None of this is bothering me’ like using a column in a national newspaper to talk about how people have heard of you.

It’s part Alan Partridge, part David Brent and part…some ex-footballer whose name we can’t quite place.

But we won’t be forgetting about him in a hurry.