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24th Nov 2021

Wigan-based UFC fighter says Jake Paul would get destroyed in MMA

Jake Paul would get 'destroyed' in the UFC, according to Muhammad Mokaev, one of the promotion's latest breakthrough stars

Alex Roberts

“He’d get destroyed. Come on guys. It’s obvious.”

Jake Paul would get ‘destroyed’ in the UFC, according to Muhammad Mokaev, one of the promotion’s latest breakthrough stars.

Hailing from Dagestan with an exemplary grappling background, Mokaev has been labelled the ‘new Khabib Nurmagomedov’.

Being likened to one of the greatest MMA fighters in history is some accolade for a man yet to make his official UFC debut, but he has distanced himself from such a comparison.

Mokaev said: “He’s done a lot of things for Dagestan and for this sport, he’s got lots of money and is a great example for the younger generation.

“He’s probably the greatest role model in UFC. But I want to make my own history.”

Muhammad MokaevMuhammad Mokaev looks up to Khabib Nurmagomedov, but doesn’t see himself as a ‘new’ version.

Now residing in Wigan, Greater Manchester, Mokaev is the youngest current UFC fighter aged just 21, and has a near-perfect resumé boasting six professional wins alongside 23 amateur successes.

He says he’s “happy” to have made history, adding “little stories will make a big story at the end of it.”

He wasted no time in making himself known to the UFC roster. Mokaev took aim at Cody Durden last Saturday after the American made racially insensitive remarks towards his Chinese opponent.

Durden defeated Aori Qileng via unanimous decision, but then landed himself in hot water by claiming he wanted to “send him back to China where he came from.”

This irked many fighters, not least Mokaev, who promptly called Durden out.

The 21-year-old aims to become the youngest UFC champion in history by 2023, and you’d be a fool to doubt him.

Outside the UFC, one of the biggest fights of the boxing calendar takes place next month as YouTuber Jake Paul goes up against Tommy Fury.

It’s a hugely lucrative bout that has undoubtedly drawn younger eyes to boxing, regardless of your opinion of the Paul brothers.

However, Mokaev thinks Logan or Jake Paul would quickly get found out if they tried MMA.

“He [Jake Paul] would get destroyed. Come on guys. It’s obvious. This is no joke.

“It’s dangerous for his life. I think he should get life insurance [if he comes to the UFC].”