Mercedes take sly dig after FIA race director removed from role 5 months ago

Mercedes take sly dig after FIA race director removed from role

The soap opera is starting early this season

The Mercedes F1 team have taken a cheeky little swipe at Red Bull and the FIA following the decision to remove race director, Michael Masi.


Tweeting from their account just minutes after the announcement that Masi had been removed, the AMG Petronas team posted this classic meme on their timeline:


Definitely not been stewing over this one have you, lads.

For anyone still unaware, Mercedes lodged multiple appeals to the FIA (the race commission that oversees F1) to have the result of the 2021 season closer at the Abu Dhabi GP overturned.

The race and, subsequently, the season ended in one of the biggest controversies the sport has ever seen, with Red Bull's young Dutch driver Max Verstappen beating Lewis Hamilton to the title in the eleventh hour after the safety car was suddenly removed and racing resumed.

Hamilton himself accused race officials of "manipulating" the situation at the time and F1 fans have been squabbling over the decision ever since, as not only did it cost the English star the race but also a record-breaking eighth title.


To add insult to injury, earlier this month, audio of Masi himself seemingly executing exactly what Red Bull team manager Johnathan Wheatley requested.

Former driver turned commentator Martin Brundle described the entire revelation as "really uncomfortable" and one that has left many of those attached to the sport with a sour taste in their mouths.


Regardless of where you landed on the debate at the time, recent information and Masi's exit suggests that perhaps more investigation might still be required and one thing's for sure: the upcoming season is going to be absolutely blockbuster.

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