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24th Apr 2024

Chelsea could face dressing room backlash if Pochettino is sacked

Callum Boyle

Chelsea Mauricio Pochettino

More problems may wait at Stamford Bridge

Chelsea run the risk of facing backlash from the playing squad if Mauricio Pochettino is sacked.

The pressure increased further after the Blues were beaten 5-0 by Arsenal on Tuesday however reports have suggested that Pochettino has the full backing of the first team.

Supporters meanwhile are growing impatient as another season of no silverware or European football looks more and more likely.

Pochettino comes out fighting

A full review of what has happened this season is set to take place and despite the future of Pochettino being one of them, the Argentine has called on the club to make “ruthless decisions”.

“If we want to be better we need to realise, be clever in the way we assess the things that we are doing, the plan,” he said.

“The strategy for the future should be better, and in our analysis try to be very clinical in our decisions for the future to help not to be in this situation in the future.

“I’m not going to blame the players. The circumstances are bigger than the performances of the players. We cannot blame young guys.”

Pochettino will have just one year left on his contract in the summer and if he stays could face a problematic summer when it comes to adding reinforcements to the squad.

In the latest accounts published by the club it showed that the Blues were dangerously close to breaching the Premier League’s profit and sustainability rules but they have insisted that they will remain in line with the rules.

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