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24th Apr 2017

Liverpool fans can ignore the latest ‘leaked’ images of their next home shirt

On to the next one...


The football season’s end is a matter of weeks away.

Because of this, some people are already starting to look ahead to the start of 2017/18. Recent weeks have seen a sharp increase in almost-certainly-bollocks transfer rumours appearing in tabloid gossip columns, while images of ‘leaked’ kit designs for some of the Premier League’s big hitters have been shared high and wide on social media.

If Twitter is to be believed, Liverpool will be launching at least nine different home strips ahead of the new season. Clearly, most (if not all) of these rumoured designs will prove to be fake, but the people responsible for creating them appear to agree that next year’s shirt will have a special new commemorative badge – marking the club’s 125 year anniversary – and some form of white collar.

The latest design to do the rounds was shared by (but not created by) the Empire of the Kop Twitter page. An image shows Liverpool skipper Jordan Henderson wearing a shirt with a white V-neck collar. It also appears to have a special commemorative badge, too. At first glance, it might appear to be the real deal.

But just before anyone starts rushing to the New Balance website to check, one of the replies to the tweet swiftly knocks it on the head.

As pointed out by Redmen Design, the image is a doctored version of Henderson modelling the current Liverpool home shirt.

On to the next one.

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