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04th Jan 2017

Jamie Carragher makes cheeky Jose Mourinho dig at Phil Neville on Twitter

Giving Gary a night off


As well as earning a wage as a Sky Sports pundit, Jamie Carragher appears to spend most of his time poking fun at Gary Neville these days.

From the odd light-hearted tweet about Manchester United benefitting from Mike Dean’s refereeing, to speaking openly about his enjoyment of Neville’s doomed spell as manager of Valencia, the former Liverpool defender rarely misses an opportunity.

But on Wednesday night, it was a different member of the Neville clan that was in Carra’s firing line.

Gary’s younger brother Phil was minding his own business, tweeting about his admiration for Mauricio Pochettino as his Tottenham side ended Chelsea’s 13-game winning streak.

Seeing this, Carragher asked him if he’d like to see the Argentine given the manager’s job at Manchester United.

‘After Jose yes,’ replied Phil.

A perfectly reasonable exchange so far. But Carragher wasn’t quite done.

‘So in 18 months then,’ he asked – a reference to the relatively short term nature of Mourinho’s previous managerial jobs.

Phil replied once again, pointing towards the success rate of United’s current manager.

Carragher wasn’t stopping here though. His next reply suggesting that if Mourinho’s track record for winning league titles was so clear, he’d have been a better candidate to replace Sir Alex Ferguson than David Moyes – who employed Phil as one of his first team coaches.

That was the end of matters.