Gary Neville says Man City are 'most likely to crack' over Super League plans 1 year ago

Gary Neville says Man City are 'most likely to crack' over Super League plans

Gary Neville didn't hold back for a minute on Sky Sports and now believes City are the most likely to pull out of the Super League

The football world is still shaking from the Super League announcement and the general consensus remains: absolutely NOT.


The chief architects of this catastrophic competition continue to stand firm, for now, but there is the belief that the reaction and mass outrage could see one of them get cold feet. Ex-pro and pundit, Gary Neville, reckons it could be Manchester City.

Following on from a number of the thoughts he expressed on Monday Night Football (MNF), Neville repeated that while the likes of "Joel Glazer wont turn easily", it only takes one of the cards to fall for the whole house to come down:


As he alludes to, Klopp was fairly vocal about the Super League and always has been as far back as 2019. He also believes Arsenal, Chelsea and Spurs would follow suit if Sheikh Mansour, The City Football Group and the Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG) reconsider, potentially causing the whole thing to topple.

How likely this breakaway move is to be overturned remains to be seen. UEFA has already said there is "there is still time to change your mind", but Real Madrid President, Florentino Perez, has insisted he and 'The Dirty Dozen' "will NOT back down".

On the other hand, according to Alex Wickham, there has already been signs of a split in the ESL, with at least one member of the 'Big Six' seriously considering pulling out. There is even possibility of legal intervention from Boris Johnson.


The match-going, football-loving public's stance is clear: we don't want it; the players don't want it either and, perhaps significantly, people like James Corden are spreading the news over in the States.

Given American owners are deeply complicit in this harmful act against a British institution and way of life, the circulation of this knowledge throughout the US - even though it may not be their national sport, like ours - could have a knock-on effect and held add further pressure on the Super League. One can only hope.


It doesn't matter whether it's City, Spurs, Chelsea or whoever - we just need one of the clubs to blink first and we might stand a chance of wrestling back the game that we love. Keep your fingers crossed, folks.