Patrick Bamford: "Without fans, every single club would be pretty much nothing" 1 year ago

Patrick Bamford: "Without fans, every single club would be pretty much nothing"

Spoken like a true sage

Consider that Patrick Bamford had just come off the pitch after tearing around for Marcelo Bielsa for 94 minutes.


Consider that he was one of the first professional footballers to have a microphone thrust in his face and asked to sum up the madness of the Super League breakaway.

And consider that his team managed to bloody the nose of the outgoing Premier League champions in a competition that may all be for nought if Europe's super-rich elite have their way.

Now take in his cool, calm and collected words, delivered to Sky Sports, after stepping off the Elland Road pitch and being asked to speak for football players and football fans.


"We've just seen what pretty much everyone else has, on Twitter, and stuff. It's amazing the things they're talking about; I can't quite comprehend.

"It's amazing the amount of uproar that comes into the game when somebody's pockets are being hurt. It's a shame that doesn't happen with all the stuff that goes wrong, at the minute. Racism and stuff like that. It's just the way it is, at the moment."

"It is something we talk about," the Leeds striker added. "But once you get on the pitch, you're not thinking about stuff happening outside the ground. We're like fans, really. We're like everyone else - can't believe it and talking about what's going to happen. In shock.

"From me, personally, and from what I've seen on Twitter - I haven't seen one football fan that's happy about the decision. And football, ultimately, is about the fans. Without the fans, every single club would be pretty much nothing. It's important that we show football is for the fans and try to keep things that way."


An extremely impressive take, delivered on the nose in 86 seconds.

Hot on Bamford's heels arrived Liverpool veteran James Milner, who backed up those comments with some well-put words of his own:


Footballers speaking up, even if it goes again the desires of certain owners and their newly formed cabals. Great to see.

For those of you still clinging to hope that this Premier League season, and ones after that, can be salvaged, Leeds drew 1-1 with Liverpool.