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21st Jul 2021

Fresh FIFA 22 leaks reveal new features for Career Mode

Kieran Galpin

New features in FIFA 22

New customisation options for FIFA 22

Despite FIFA looking relatively the same since its introduction in 1993, new features, graphics, players, and game modes are constantly introduced to keep it refreshed and entertaining for its immeasurable audience. But the latest leaks for the next instalment has got fans excited online.

Shared by the ‘reputable’ leaker @DonkTrader, the latest news relates to an online career mode. According to the FUT trader, new introductions include designing your own badge, kit, and stadium. He also suggests that there will be a new transfer market system, an in-depth pro-development career, and a new youth development system.

This newly leaked information falls in line with the reveal that players will be able to create and manage their own club.

“You better be able to create all kits- home away third and goalkeeper,” comments Oliver Brown.

But not all the comments are positive, with many saying that they are there to play football, not spend hours designing kits and badges.

“By “design your own kits and badge”, they mean “use the same 3 templates already in pro clubs” people buy too much into hype.”
It is also reported that FIFA will be introducing a more tactical AI system, making matches more realistic in terms of opponent pushback. Opponents will also talk and argue more, and in-depth statistics will be readily available to enhance your play style.
Lastly, if you are playing poorly, fans will leave early.
Though not everyone is pleased with this news, it is clear FIFA are attempting to draw in new demographics and switch up their in-game content. With countless games launching constantly and free to play games becoming more popular than one time purchases, this news could be a sign that EA is attempting to stay ahead of the curve to keep audiences interested.
FIFA 22 is said to be launching on October 1st 2021.