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16th Feb 2023

Thierry Henry stunned by the amount Micah Richards spends on haircuts

Callum Boyle

Micah Richards

‘You said you need to look fly… not like one’

Thierry Henry was left stunned speechless after Micah Richards revealed how many times a week he gets his haircut, and the eye-watering price he pays for it.

The pair were on punditry duty for CBS’ coverage of Wednesday night’s Champions League games where Richards told the rest of them that he roughly gets three haircuts a week, paying £200 time each time.

Henry was most shocked, shouting: “What?” before the former Manchester City defender said: “I’ve got to look fly.

“What does my barber cost? £200 a time, yes.

“When I say the most, like I’ll get a trim tomorrow for the Champions League and I’m working the weekend so I’ll get a trim.

“I did it today. I’ve got to get a sharpen up tomorrow.”

His French counterpart jokingly made a jab back, saying: “You said you need to look fly… not like one.”

The other pundit in the room, Jamie Carragher, asked if Richards pays for them himself. Thankfully, he confirmed that he doesn’t expense his trims and does spend his own money.

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