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23rd Jun 2018

Football fans loved how one Swiss fan celebrated Shaqiri’s goal by throwing a wheel of cheese on the pitch

The most Swiss goal celebration of all time

Simon Lloyd

You can’t blame Swiss fans for getting a little bit carried away on Friday night

As a tense World Cup group game with Serbia appeared destined for a 1-1 draw, Xherdan Shaqiri beat a pathetic attempt to play him offside (he was in his own half, ffs) to slide hime a 90th-minute Switzerland winner.

The goal came as a massive boost to Vladimir Petković’s side’s hopes of reaching the last 16 stage, taking them second in their group behind Brazil on goal difference.

While most of the talk since the game has centred on the controversy of the celebrations used by Shaqiri and Switzerland’s other scorer, Granit Xhaka, some of those watching the game appeared to enjoy the significantly less political way one Swiss supporter reacted to the deciding goal.

Footage showing the Swiss players celebrating in front of their supporters also appears to show a **wheel of cheese** being thrown in their direction. Falling just short of the advertising hoardings – nearly decapitating a cameraman in the process – the cheese then bounces onto the grass…

How did they get this through security? Is this a traditional way of celebrating Swiss goals? If so, has anyone ever been killed by a wheel of cheese hitting them on the head? So, so many questions.

We just hope Switzerland mark their next World Cup goal by throwing something equally Swiss in the direction of their players. A Toblerone, perhaps? Maybe a cuckoo clock? Hell, why not just throw Roger Federer or a live brown Swiss cow?