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10th Jul 2021

FootballJOE Photoshop Challenge #4 – Jordan Pickford’s flop

Danny Jones

Jordan Pickford meme

Part four and you’re all still on fine form

We’ll admit, we’ve got a bit obsessed with these photoshop challenges: not only do we marvel at your creativity but you’re also doing us a favour by coming up with funnier stuff than we could ever think of.

Part three was a belter of epic proportions at the expense of Thomas MISSer, you know?

Thomas Muller meme

We are deeply sorry.

But honestly, though, we doff our hats to you fine folks: as if that moment couldn’t have gotten any sweeter, you knocked it out of the park and with that in mind, we have a round-up of our fourth instalment for you.

This time around, we took a look at Jordan Pickford‘s super athletic, acrobatic and not at all funny dive in the semi-final against Denmark. On a serious note, how good has this man been?

He might have had a nervy moment for a minute there and people are going to argue whether he could’ve done better for the Damsgaard goal, but he’s still going down with the Golden Glove and broke the record for the most minutes without conceding a goal. He beat Gordon Bank‘s 720 minutes, now that’s some achievement.

That being said, we love Pickers and it’s all in good fun. So, without further ado, let the memes commence:

Pickers plays Warzone

Strong, strong start. Where we dropping in, boys?

The throwback we never knew we needed.

From the top rope!

I mean this one is literally made for wrestling.

DJ Khaled voice: ‘Another one’.

No, seriously, it’s a match made in heaven.

“Iiiinnnn West Philadeplhia…”

Can you imagine Pickford’s accent in the middle of Bel-Air?


To be fair, England have done so well there’s a part of us that still think we’re living in a simulation


Literally had this episode on the other day

Yaaaaas, Queen!


If you’ve seen the film, you know…

Life imitating art

We didn’t know you could get a picture anymore beautiful and one that fits so seamlessly than the one of that bloke lying in the street on New Year in Manchester.

There it is! Jinx, you owe use a beer.

A Picks out of water

Not very Covid-secure, smh…

We don’t even have a joke for this one, it’s just elite tier.

Round two, fight!

Mate, Jordan Pickford would have Ryu on toast, just saying.

Now that is a thing of beauty.

Basic Instinct

This barely works: it’s just rude and funny.

‘Nobody puts Pickers in a corner’.

“We live in a society”

‘He was a Sk8er boi’

This is a work of art.

Now, we could go on forever, but we think we’ll leave you with what has to be the winner, for us.

Just good tournament vibes

Inflatable unicorn content and wholesome Saka memes are just too potent a mixture to be ignored. Well in, Ryan.

We hope we’ll have one last more for you following the final (cross everything, everyone) but be assured, this FootballJOE Photoshop Challenge does not stop with Euro 2020.