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Euro 2020

30th Jun 2021

FootballJOE Photoshop Challenge #3: Thomas Muller’s dreadful miss

Charlie Herbert

The third in the trilogy… so far

It was a moment that was celebrated like a goal. Or at least I celebrated it like a goal. Time seemed to stand still when Thomas Muller was handed the ball by Raheem Sterling and was suddenly in on goal.

We all held our breath, wondering whether this was the moment when it would all fall apart again. In a split second we all saw the future: a Muller equaliser, the game going to extra-time, and then Germany obviously winning on penalties.

Except that didn’t happen. Muller managed to squeeze the ball past Pickford, but he also squeezed it past the post. His reaction said it all.

And provided us with a third instalment of the JOE Photoshop Challenge!

The idea is simple: we take a photo of a player and then leave it with you lot to let your imaginations run wild.

Previous masterpieces include Martin Dubravka as Lady Gaga’s ear rings, and David Marshall as a member of the 1999 Australia cricket team.

So let’s take you through some of the highlights this time round!


Let’s start as we mean to go on, and kick things off with this brilliance from @magawk. Smell my cheese you Muller!

It wasn’t the only lap dancing reference we got either, with @matthius23 showing that maybe Muller should give Channing Tatum a call.

Dancing queen

Meanwhile @amaarahg imagined Thomas taking part in one of the most famous dance crazes of all time…

And @MowtownJunk wondered whether there could be a space in Steps for the German number 25.

Where’s Muller?

A bit of a subtle one here from @Alarick88. Can you spot the Muller?

Number 10 insider

@wez went above and beyond on the Photoshop, suggesting a weird reality in which Muller was present for the moment the Prime Minister heard about Hancock’s resignation…


Some decided to place Thomas in iconic movies from the past.


@charlieisonfire accused him of diving…

Best of the rest

There’s also this time-bending reality that @walshyt100 thought up, in which Muller reacts to his own miss with the German fans.

@GuyHamilton87 summed up the match brilliantly with his creation…

@MartynPoole placed Muller at the interview of the year…

And we’ll leave you with this from @TheHiggsmeister, which is an obvious one but still very funny.