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12th Jun 2024

One stadium may not be ready in time for Euro 2028

Callum Boyle

Euro 2028

Not the news that anyone wanted to hear

There are fears that one stadium may not be ready in time for Euro 2028.

The UK and Ireland won the rights to host the next version of the tournament and as part of the stadium selection, Casement Park in Belfast had been selected.

But redevelopments of the once-used stadium are taking longer than expected and president of the GAA, Jarlath Burns, has admitted that it may not even be completed in time to host matches.

Casement Park

“I’m very, very disappointed with the pace of how it’s gone,” he admitted.

“It’s not looking as if we’re going to get the Euros.

“It was sending out the message that this city is now back, it’s now a modern, major European city.

“Having attended the final of the Europa League in the Aviva, I can see what UEFA bring to a stadium and to an event. West Belfast deserves that and we’re not getting it.

“It’s just a great pity because the carrot was dangled in front of us and then it was taken away. And actually the big loser here is going to be the game of soccer in Northern Ireland society and the economy.”

Which stadiums are being used for Euro 2028?

Casement Park is the only stadium based in Northern Ireland being used for the tournament but there are still plenty of others.

There are 10 confirmed stadiums for the UK and Ireland edition, which includes the Aviva Stadium in Dublin while in England, the host stadiums are Wembley, the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, the Etihad Stadium, St James’ Park, Villa Park and Everton’s new Bramley-Moore Dock Stadium.

The remaining stadiums are Hampden Park in Glasgow and the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff.

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