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25th Nov 2021

Jamie Carragher’s attempt at an American accent will give you nightmares

Danny Jones

Carragher's American accent is the stuff of nightmares

Delivered with a frightening intensity that makes his normal voice sound like a lullaby

Jamie Carragher‘s American accent is the stuff of nightmares, there are no two ways about it. It’s not terrible, it’s not particularly great either – regardless, it doesn’t change the fact you can never unhear it.

Doing punditry for CBS Sports‘ US coverage of last night’s Champions League action, Carra was challenged by presenter Kate Abdo to take them out with his best attempt at an American accent. Brace yourselves…

We can’t stop wheezing and neither could Abdo, Henry or Scott.

We don’t know whether it’s the fact he kicks things off sounding like a detective in a 1940s crime drama – “waaaaaaas!” – or that his face and hands are twice as animated than they already are – but the whole thing is terrific in every sense of the word.

It has to be said, while the voice wobbles throughout the whole thing, it’s not bad for someone with as thick a scouse accent as his and he absolutely nails the excitable, superlative and just generally over the top nature of American sportscasters.

As mentioned, this is all started after the former Liverpool defender dared Abdo herself to do her own – having often been teased for sounding a little more American these days – but instead, she opted to do her best impression of a Liverpudlian, so now you have to watch that too.

@cbssportsgolazoKate Abdo aka an accent master ##viral ##fyp ##funnyaccemtchallenge ##accent♬ original sound – CBS Sports Golazo

To be honest, all we’re hoping to hear is Thierry Henry doing his best impression of, well, anyone – the guy is the king of content and he doesn’t even know it.

If this iconic clip is anything to go by, we could really do with an old English Henry in our lives:

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