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03rd Jan 2017

Arsenal fans (Piers Morgan included) rage at Aaron Ramsey’s first half performance

Not his finest 45 minutes


Remember that time last summer when Aaron Ramsey was the best midfielder in the world?

Judging by the reaction to his first half showing against Bournemouth on Tuesday evening, that time is now a distant memory.

Before Arsenal had even kicked off the Premier League clash, their supporters were up in arms at the fact that the Welshman looked to have been named in a wide area for the match. As Bournemouth established a 2-0 lead, plenty were pointing the finger in his direction.

One of which was Piers Morgan – no stranger to criticising Ramsey down the years. Instead of calling for the midfielder to be subbed, he went one stage further… Not like him to overreact, is it?

But Piers was not alone. Plenty of fellow Arsenal fans were in agreement.

Some even hit caps lock to demonstrate their anger.

Others simply couldn’t stand to watch it.

Or even look at him.

For some, this was an opportunity to bemoan Arsene Wenger’s decision to loan Jack Wilshere out…

At least some were looking for the positives…