Top tips to make your phone battery last as long as possible 10 months ago

Top tips to make your phone battery last as long as possible

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We pay a price for being on our phones all the time


When we buy a new phone the one thing we marvel at consistently is how much better the battery life is compared the phone we have just consigned to history.

You forget, using a phone with a reduced battery for long enough, that there is a better way, that there actually are things we can do to ensure that our phones don't drop down to 10 percent after little more than a Zoom call or watching a YouTube video.

Thankfully, we have some tips and tricks for you that'll at least try and help make sure that your phone's battery is as healthy as can be.


However, with the new Samsung Galaxy A Series, you wouldn't even have to read any more of this otherwise super-handy article, with its 64MB camera and a staggering long-lasting battery life, you could be scrolling TikTok for days without becoming concerned over dwindling battery life.

Without further ado, here are what we at JOE reckon are the simplest but most effective ways you can keep your phone full of juice:

Reduce screen brightness


This one seems odd - why should light take up so much battery? - but once you do it you notice the difference immediately. In truth, the majority of a phone's battery is used to power the screen and everything presented there. Phones are only getting bigger and their screens more crisp and bright, that having the brightness on full blast just drains your battery. So, ideally, reduce the brightness to the lowest level for you to be able to see it clearly, and ideally set a timer for it to power off after a small time of no use.

Don't charge it overnight

Look, I'm not here to shame you for plugging in your phone to the charger after you've finished watching a YouTube video about how counting sheep isn't actually the best way to get to sleep, and then leaving it in overnight. I'm not here to shame you for that, but let's at least acknowledge that you do it. You do it, I do it, we all do - but it's really not a good idea. Theoretically, it makes sense. Your phone needs charge, and when you wake up it's at 100%.

But unfortunately, leaving it plugged in once it hits full battery can actually lead to long-last damage to the battery, degrading it to the point where its charge capacity decreases. Ideally, charge your phone while you're able to check its status, and remove from charge just before hitting 100%.


Switch off Bluetooth or WiFi

Any wireless connectivity that your phone uses will put a strain on your battery, that's a simple fact. So unless you're using a Bluetooth device, or are actually connected to and using the WiFi around you, turn off both and allow your battery a bit of a breather.

Turn off location services

Similar to the previous point, background services like GPS or location can really reduce your battery health. They're constantly running and constantly updating and anyone who has used a map or travel app will attest to the fact that, no matter how healthy your battery, it saps away pretty fast. So unless you really need location services on, turn them off.

Reduce/remove push notifications


Not only does reducing or turning off push notifications reduce the hits that your battery takes, but it also improves your quality of life, freeing you from the incessant ping of incredibly unimportant information popping up on screen. Unless it's an app for which you absolutely need push notifications on, you're better off switching them off.

So what just should you do with all that juice?

Well, if you're anything like social media superstar Jeremy Lynch you'd use it to whip up some top-tier content to bang across your social media platforms.

Of course, that being said, Jeremy wouldn't need these tips because he's using the aforementioned Samsung Galaxy A Series isn't he.