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12th Nov 2023

Impossible Foods is giving away free plant-based nuggets for Nugget Day

With Impossible Foods

To celebrate National Nugget Day on November 13th, plant-based meat pioneer Impossible Foods are giving away free Impossible “Chicken” Nuggets made from plants while supplies last.

Nugget aficionados can get their fix by heading down to order Impossible Nuggets at their local MEATLiquor, Patty & Bun, Thunderbird or VBurger from November 13th until November 15th.

In case you didn’t know, Impossible Foods is a leader in the global plant-based food scene. They make all of your favourite meaty treats – like burgers and nuggets – from plants, so they’re packed with nutrients and better for the planet. That means you can keep enjoying the food you know and love, and also make a positive impact.

And if you were wondering where your nugget loving habits rank compared to the rest of the UK, fear not, we have just that info here:

Londoners and those from the West Midlands come out as the most prolific nugget eaters (brb just moving to the West Midlands), with the East Midlands trailing behind the rest of the country in their nugg munching.

If you’re stuck for choice on what condiment to dip those plant-based goodies into, why not stick with tried and tested top three in the nation with ketchup, BBQ, and mayo. Presumably not all at once, though.

Plant-based nuggets are actually rising in popularity, with one in five people saying they’ve sampled the golden, delicious treats. Approximately 40 per cent of the UK is up for giving these bad boys a try. Of those who’ve tried the plant-based versions, 16 per cent prefer them to the conventional nuggets.

A spokesperson for Impossible Foods said: “We’re excited to see that Brits are adventurous when it comes to their chicken nuggets. In honour of National Nugget Day, we encourage them to give plant based nuggets a try. That’s why we’re offering free Impossible Nuggets at many of our restaurant partners across the UK. We hope they might just discover their new favourite way to satisfy their nugget cravings.”

But if you’re on a health kick, you’ll be glad to know these plant-based versions won’t set you back.

A spokesperson for Impossible Foods said: “Consumers don’t have to give up their beloved nuggets to enjoy a crispy, tender bite. Each serving of Impossible Nuggets contains 10 grams of protein, as well as 0 milligrams of cholesterol.

“And, because they’re made from plants, they’re far better for the planet compared to their animal counterparts.”

So go forth, and enjoy those plant-based nuggets safe in the knowledge you’re getting your meaty cravings with a smaller environmental footprint.