Five ways to make your videos bang on social media 2 months ago

Five ways to make your videos bang on social media

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Learn from the master Jeremy Lynch


In 2021, the bustling and humdrum of social media can be a little overwhelming at times. Jason Derulo's TikToks look like professional CGI cuts, complete with special effects and snappy quick cuts. Kim Kardashian's team of stylists and editors paint her in an angelic light, and video teams are on almost every marketing staff to make their videos stand out amongst the millions of competitors. But for the everyday consumer looking to compete, the task can be a daunting one.

But with 11.5m TikTok followers, there is no better person to get advice from than Jeremy Lynch.

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We asked Jeremy five simple questions to help give an insight into how to make your social content fly on your platform, here's what Jeremy had to say:

What makes for a viral TikTok?


Usually, something that fits into the category of fun, shocking or relatable. What all virals have in common is that they grip the viewer from the very start & retain their attention throughout by not allowing for any dead moments.

What tricks can people use with their phones to improve the quality of their videos?

Go to camera settings, where you can control what the phone camera recording settings are. Higher resolution settings will take up more storage, but record in higher quality, this is one of the great features to use with the Samsung Galaxy A Series.

What are the most common mistakes you see people make when they are trying to make a video bang on social?

A common mistake is having too many click off points. You have to keep the viewer engaged & wanting to see what happens next. There can’t be any room for boring moments in the video.

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What should people do to make their content perfect for different social platforms?

Make sure to edit the content into the optimal aspect ratio & length for each platform that you are posting it on. Portrait works best for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook for example, whereas landscape works best on platforms such as YouTube. Sometimes I have to film my content on two cameras or have someone help me to film from a second angle so that I can have both a landscape & portrait version to work with.


What would you have done differently when you were first starting your content creation journey?

I started my content creation journey such a long time ago now, that the world of social media was so different. I wouldn’t change anything in particular, it’s just been about learning on the job & evolving with the times.

You may be wondering what Lynch's device of choice is? Well, as previously mentioned, the Samsung Galaxy A Series is an obvious choice for content creation. With its incredible 64MB camera and staggering long-lasting battery life, you can literally be making content for days without becoming concerned over dwindling battery.