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24th Jul 2022

This British city has just been named ugliest on the planet and we can’t see why

April Curtin

It lost its title as most friendly city in the world too

Manchester has just been named the ugliest city in the whole world by its very own habitants.

Over 20,000 people across the globe were questioned about their own hometowns, assessing aspects of life such as nightlife, culture, food and drinking.

Mancunians are widely known for their sense of pride, community and genuine love for their own city, especially if the conversation is sparked by – dare we say it – a Southerner. Yet just 11% of those living in the North West city described their city as beautiful in this year’s survey by Time Out, despite being voted the third best in the world in the publication’s annual list last year.

Second least beautiful after Manchester was Berlin, followed by Bangkok. And while all three cities boast a rich history, incredible architecture, and an unbelievable night out, it seems the locals simply haven’t backed themselves in these three cities when it comes to aesthetics this year.

Meanwhile, Edinburgh was not only ranked the best city in the world this year but the most beautiful too. Cape Town and Prague came second and third in beauty, while Chicago and Medellín were in the top three best cities in the world in 2022.

Glasgow, which is considered the world’s fourth best city, stole Manchester’s crown for the most friendly city this year, with a whopping 78 per cent of Glaswegians describing their city as friendly. Though 74 per cent of Mancunians still vouched for their city’s friendliness.

Manchester may be deemed the ugliest thing year, but it was still ranked the 13th best city in the world, beating London, which came in 17th place.

And the North-South lives to fight another day.

According to the survey, the top 10 cities in the world this year are:

  1. Edinburgh
  2. Chicago
  3. Medellín
  4. Glasgow
  5. Amsterdam
  6. Prague
  7. Marrakech
  8. Berlin
  9. Montreal
  10. Copenhagen

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