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13th Jul 2019

QUIZ: Name all the Gladiators from, er, Gladiators

Kyle Picknell

Do you remember when John Fashanu was replaced by Jeremy Guscott in the final seasons? DO YOU?

This is a quiz. A Gladiators quiz. The premise is simple. There is a picture of a Gladiator and a choice of names. Pick the actual name of the Gladiator and not the two cleverly designed trick answers.

If you have been paying attention to JOE this week you will no doubt have read my definitive ranking of all the Gladiators from Gladiators, and that will put you in good stead entering the quiz.

If you haven’t yet read my definitive ranking of all the Gladiators from Gladiators, then please feel free to do so. BUT AFTER TAKING THIS QUIZ. Do not do it before. You will be cheating both me, yourself, and in fact, the entire cast of Gladiators. So read it after. Read it after.

Let’s begin.

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