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31st May 2019

Elton John: ‘I am a European… not a stupid, colonial, imperialist English idiot’

Kyle Picknell

Friendship ended with John Cleese, now Elton John is my best friend

Elton John has launched a blistering attack on Brexit and English attitudes to Europe during a concert the Rocketman was playing in Verona, Italy this week.

Addressing the crowd before performing his 1995 hit ‘Believe’, Sir Elton said: “I am sick to death of politicians. Especially British politicians.”

“I am sick to death of Brexit,” he continued, to cheers from the crowd.

And perhaps indirectly responding to the words of John Cleese, who took to Twitter on Wednesday to declare that ‘London isn’t really an English city anymore’, he said: “I am a European. I am not a stupid, colonial, imperialist English idiot.”

He concluded the speech by declaring his disappointment in the actions of Britain, stating: “I’m ashamed of my country for what it has done. It’s torn people apart.”

It’s not the first time Elton John has expressed his deep concern with Brexit, either.

According to The Guardian, in July 2018, he said: “I don’t think people in Britain were told the truth to start with. They were promised something that was completely ridiculous and wasn’t economically viable.”

The singer is currently on the Italian leg of what will be his final world tour – entitled ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ – and echoed similar anti-Brexit sentiments during a performance in the Belgian city of Antwerp last week.

He will begin his farewell shows in the UK in 2020, although he is appearing in Dublin on the 12th and 13th of June and Cardiff on the 15th.

Rocketman, a biopic about his rise to superstardom starring Taron Egerton and directed by Dexter Fletcher, is currently in cinemas.