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24th May 2023

Woman runs car over cheating husband and mistress in CCTV footage

Charlie Herbert

She’s avoided jail time over the incident

CCTV footage has been released of the moment a woman ran over her cheating husband and his mistress.

In the newly-released footage, obtained by 9 News, Christie-Lee Kennedy can be seen driving her white BMW SUV into her other half, David Larkin, and his lover Zowie Noring.

The shocking footage, from March 2021, then shows Kennedy getting out the vehicle and punching Noring in the head.

The footage was taken as evidence in the court case surrounding the incident, which has grabbed national headlines in Australia.

In the video, Larkin and Noring are seen locked in an embrace on a quiet residential street when the white vehicle suddenly appears.

Kennedy had used the Find My Phone app to locate her husband. He had told her he was picking up their children from daycare.

(9 News)

Kennedy told the trial that she had never intended to hit Larkin and Noring with her car though, and had braked too late.

Last month, the jury found her not guilty on two counts of “malicious acts with intent to disable.”

After hitting the victims with her vehicle, Kennedy then gets out the car and starts to hit Noring in the head and pull her hair.

A street resident who goes by ‘Scummy’ told 9 News that he heard the collision from inside his home.

(9 News)

“I heard the thud from inside and we had the TV cranked up and you could hear ‘bang’,” he said. “I picked up my phone, called the ambos [ambulance] and my boy chased that girl down the road.”

The footage shows Noring hobbling to her car after the attack and driving away.

Kennedy later returns to the scene and waits with her husband until emergency services arrive.

(9 News)

Judge Paul Smith handed Kennedy a suspended sentence of nine months in jail for a charge of dangerous operation of a vehicle and a common assault charge.

He said: “I think it would be fair to conclude that you would be quite shocked about what you saw there despite what you suspicions you had prior.

“You’re obviously an excellent employee and a very good mother and it’s a real shame you committed this offense but I do form a firm view that this offending is out of character and it’s unlikely you’ll reoffend with anything like this.”

The mother has been ordered to pay A$5,000 to each victim, and was suspended from driving for nine months.

Meanwhile, Larkin and Noring are still together and are an official couple.

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