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19th Apr 2018

Turns out Kanye’s designer neck tattoo is just a font copy and pasted off the internet

Nice one Gosha

Oli Dugmore

Nice one Gosha

It’s been a wild ride since Kanye reactivated his Twitter. He started strong, accusing Nike of copying a Yeezys design before progressing to a stream of consciousness that may now form the basis of a philosophical text.

There’s some bangers in there that scream the ‘go your own way and let tongues wag’ mentality the rapper embodies.

Oh yeah, and he just announced two new albums.

But one of the more innocuous of West’s posts is a screen grab of a conversation with pedigree designer Gosha Rubchinskiy purporting to show a custom neck tattoo.

Turns out the design is actually just the words ‘Saint West’ written in a font available for free download on

Art Dystopia is licensed as “100% Free” on the website – meaning that literally anyone can get their own designer tat – and is classified as a “Fantasy horror” font. We’ve cut the two together so you can compare.

One only hopes Kanye got mates’ rates.

Having previously been noted for disjointed but powerful outbursts on Twitter, West deactivated his profile, as well as his Instagram, just under a year ago in May 2017. He’s back now and I for one am enjoying it.

Sadly Yeezus never asked JOE for a custom neck tattoo design, but if he did…