Trump says Putin keeps using "the N-word" on live TV - but he means nuclear weapons 4 months ago

Trump says Putin keeps using "the N-word" on live TV - but he means nuclear weapons

Trump said Putin was a 'different person' to the one he 'got along with' during his time in the White House

Donald Trump has done an interview in which he says Vladimir Putin keeps using the "n-word" - as in "nuclear."


In a live television interview with Fox Business Network on Monday, the former president said that the Russian leader was a "different" man to the one he interacted with in his time as president.

Trump said: “I listen to him constantly using the n-word, that’s the n-word, and he’s constantly using it, the nuclear word."

“He says ‘we’re looking at their nuclear power,’ but we’re a greater nuclear power,” Trump added.


Trump went on to describe the US nuclear arsenal as “immensely powerful" and that it would be "the tragedy of all tragedies" if it was used.

But he said that without the arsenal "we couldn't talk."

He continued: “We say ‘oh, he’s a nuclear power,’ but we’re a greater nuclear power. We have the greatest submarines, the world’s most powerful machines ever built."


Speaking about the war in Ukraine, the 75-year-old said: "You can’t let this tragedy continue. You can’t let these thousands of people die. It’s going to be hundreds of thousands and maybe millions of people by the time it ends.”

He went on to claim that Putin had changed since he was in the White House, saying that they "got along" due to their love for their respective countries, the Independent reports.

“I got along with him, loving this country, and he loves his country, okay. But he’s a different person than he was, he seems to be different,” he said. “It just doesn’t seem to be the same person I was dealing with.”


“We did well with Russia,” Mr Trump said. “They didn’t attack any other countries under us. I’m the only one where that didn’t happen. And with Bush, they took Georgia, and they took Crimea with Biden and Obama. And now he said ‘to hell with it. Let’s take the whole thing’.”

On Tuesday, Joe Biden said Putin's "back is against the wall" in Ukraine, warning that this may prompt the Russian leader to use chemical or biological weapons in the conflict.

Russia has already used devastating thermobaric weapons in Ukraine.

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