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25th Nov 2015

This deleted scene from Love Actually is a real tear-jerker (Video)

How have we not seen this before?


It’s that time of year where it’s finally perfectly acceptable to park yourself on the sofa and binge watch all of your favourite Christmas movies.

One of everyone’s go-to festive films has to be Love Actually, so you can imagine our surprise when we heard that a storyline had been deleted from the film, involving characters we never really even meet.


Despite being uploaded to YouTube a few years ago, internet users have just discovered a brand new scene – and it’s pretty heartbreaking.

Director Richard Curtis revealed that the clip, which features the headmistress and her partner, was cut as previous parts featuring her had been cut out too.

As a result, the back story for the character was gone, which means this scene wouldn’t have made any sense in the final film.

We warn you, it’s a bit of a tear-jerker…